Fine Handmade Furniture

Fine handmade modern furniture by London based maker Liam Treanor 

Fine handmade modern furniture by London based maker Liam Treanor.

The Brand:

Liam Treanor is a London-based British design brand and furniture maker. Producing fine handmade modern furniture and lighting products.

Established in 2011, Liam Treanor’s self-titled brand. Has gracefully made its mark in the design-led furniture market. Thanks to its widely appealing selection of hand crafted products.

Our style is undoubtedly exclusive in the timber-based furniture market. With clean flowing lines and organic forms. Coupled with a soft, lightweight aesthetic. The fine handmade modern furniture range has been consciously designed with its destined environment considered. Contrived to fit in seamlessly and not be obtrusive. To be admired but not to seek attention.

Liam Treanor’s fine handmade modern furniture is produced at their London workshop. Or with one of their reliable British manufacturing partners. Made to the highest standards using the finest FSC certified hardwoods.

Liam Treanor:

I set up this brand at the start of 2011. Less than a year after gaining a first class Furniture Design degree. From the University of Lincoln, aged 22.

Armed with previous experience in furniture and cabinet making. I began fulfilling fine handmade modern furniture orders by myself. In a small stable-come-workshop located in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

As orders became common and the brand’s presence grew in the design-led market. I opted to outsource some of our catalogue products. To a selection of Britain’s finest furniture makers.

This has allowed me to focus on fine handmade modern furniture bespoke work. Building a prosperous future for the Liam Treanor brand. I have since relocated to Greenwich, London.


We produce bespoke furniture in London and surrounding areas. With all items made by us, at our workshops. We welcome commissions for home and work contexts.

Bespoke items can be as simple as one of our catalogue products made from an alternate wood. Finished in a different colour (visit our online store for product information). Or a brand new product designed especially for you. To your spec for your intended room.

Our fine handmade modern bespoke furniture can range from dining tables to sideboards. Coffee tables to fitted wardrobes. We have built the brand with our signature modern style. However if you are looking to achieve a slightly different aesthetic. This is something we can happily work with you to produce.

We are based in South-East London. Near Blackheath and Greenwich. If you would like to visit to discuss your project in detail. Please contact us so a suitable date can be arranged.

If you would like to learn more about our services. For fine bespoke furniture in London and nearby areas. Please contact us to receive further information.

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